Election results

In May 2019, 32.8% of the eligible employees voted in the University Council elections for the upcoming term 2019-2021. The results are in, and UPP

Voting has ended

We would like to thank everyone of the 32.8% of staff who made their voice heard. Without your support co-determination would not be possible! 🤗

29,5% of staff has voted

Today is the last chance to make your voice heard & vote! Co-determination does not work without your support. Vote today! 🗳 http://uu.nl/vote 📒 Our program: http://utrechtphdparty.nl/party-program 👥 Our candidates: http://utrechtphdparty.nl/candidates

22.6% of staff has already voted.

Are you among them? If not, you can still vote up to and including May 22nd. 🗳 http://uu.nl/vote📒 Our program: http://utrechtphdparty.nl/party-program 👥 Our candidates: http://utrechtphdparty.nl/candidates

Voting is now open!

Go to:🗳 uu.nl/vote Log in with your solis id, click on “University Council Staff Section” or “Universiteitsraad Personeel” and then vote for one of our

Gotta collect them all!

Today we started disseminating our (very cute!) cards and bookmarks. Did you find one already?

Our sustainable campaign begins!

Our sustainable campaign begins! 🌱 We are disseminating our UPPlants around the University, no strings attached! Have you seen them around? Do you know a

Stel je kandidaat voor de universiteitsraad

Informatie over de U-raad en het kandidaatstellen staat nu online op het UU-intranet. https://intranet.uu.nl/actueel/nieuws/stel-je-kandidaat-voor-de-universiteitsraad-2017-2019