The Central Electoral Office organises elections for the staff seats on the University Council every two years. In 2021 elections take place from Monday the 8th of May – Wednesday the 10th of May for the staff and student seats in the University Council. The results will be announced on the 11th of May.

Can I vote?

All staff members at Utrecht University can vote. This includes PhD candidates employed by the University and bursary PhD’s. If you want to check if you’re eligible, login to

The same website can be used to vote, starting the 8th of May.

UMCU organises their own elections for the council seat reserved for UMCU.

Why vote UPP?

Utrecht PhD Party is the only party that represents early career scholars, temporary and junior staff members. These are some of the most vulnerable groups in academia and often struggle with excessive workload, job insecurity, academic hierarchy and dependency. Improving their position is beneficial for the whole academic community. It is crucial to have representation in order to advocate for our interests and to make sure our rights are protected.

Yet UPP is not only commited to the position of PhDs, postdocs and teachers: We’re not a ‘one-issue’ party. Many early career scholars are driven to contribute to the future of our university. We draw on that enthusiasm to offer a fresh perspective on our organisation at large. We have great ideas for the UU for sustainability, inclusion and accessibility and have the interests of the entire academic community at heart.

See here for our full party program.

Who is UPP?

We work with a team of dedicated young academics who strive to make Utrecht University an even better organisation. UPP was founded in 2016 and has had members in the University Council since 2017.

This year we have UPP candidates in the Beta district (Faculty of Science, Veterinary Medicine).

Can you actually make a difference?

Yes, you find a list with some of our achievements here.


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