Utrecht PhD and Postdoc Party

UPP represents junior and temporary staff in the University Council of Utrecht University

About us

As UPP we stand for the interests and opportunities of early career academics on temporary contracts like PhD candidates, which is why we need representatives in the university council (U-raad) to make our voice heard and the status of PhD’s and other temporary staff members protected. Next to our focus on rights and representation, we focus in our programme on the issues of workload, sustainability, inclusivity and diversity for the university as a whole.


Rights & Representation

UPP stands for the rights of early academic career staff. There is a lot of confusion around the rights and duties of this group of staff. UPP aims to clear up this confusion by facilitating clear communication about these rights and duties. We pay special attention to, amongst others, the right to a sustainable work-life balance and the right to keep learning and grow as an academic besides the day to day job.



UPP wants to look into ways to reduce the workload as quickly and effectively as possible. Presently, the responsibility for work-life balance and mental health begins and ends with the employee instead of the employer. The university is responsible for ensuring that employees are only required to work the hours they get paid for and should formulate an active policy to make sure that this is the case.



UPP stands for sustainability. We have to take action today, to bring about a future in which students, employees and the UU in general can thrive. This requires first and foremost a liveable planet earth, meaning we must commit to reducing our negative impact on the environment.  We believe the university should be clearer in their ambitions and should not only operate in the margins, but aim for more consistency in applying sustainable initiatives to the organisation as a whole.



UPP stands for inclusivity. Everyone, regardless of characteristics such as their ability, mental health, languages, gender or background, should be able to participate equally in the community of Utrecht University. We therefore are committed to diversity and inclusion at  our university, with particular attention to people of color, non-binary and transgender people, and people with mental or physical impairments.





Romy Riemersma

Faculty of Science | University council 2021-2023

Romy will be a member of the University Council starting September 2021 Romy Riemersma has been a member of Utrecht University ever since she started her Bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 2013. ...

Linge Li

Faculty of Science | University Council 2021-2023

Linge will be a member of the University Council starting September 2021 Linge Li is a PhD candidate from the Institute of Environmental Biology, Science faculty. She is a tomato researcher who studie...

Anne van Veen

Faculty of Science | University Council 2019-2021

I first entered Utrecht University back in 2003 as a Interdisciplinary Social Science student, returned in 2010 for a masters at the Humanities department and came back again in 2016 to the Natural Sc...

Lieke Schrijvers

Faculty of Humanities | University Council 2019-2021

My academic background is in gender studies and religious studies. At Utrecht University I started my PhD in 2016, after graduating from the research master in Gender & Ethnicity. I am currently a...

Iris Yuping Ren

Faculty of Science | University Council 2019-2021

From April 2021 until August 2021, Iris replaces Anne as University Council member.   2012 is the first time I came to Utrecht University for a short summer school of two weeks. Five years later,...


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