Election results

In May 2019, 32.8% of the eligible employees voted in the University Council elections for the upcoming term 2019-2021. The results are in, and UPP has confirmed its two seats in the council! Thanks to the support of voters, campaigners and candidates, our first candidates in Alfa/Gamma and Beta will succeed Nico Naus and Stephanie de Smale from September 2019 onward. Of course, our deepest thanks go to the other candidates on our lists.

In Alfa/Gamma, Lieke Schrijvers was elected with an increase in votes (2019: 378 votes, 2017: 217 votes). In Beta, the outcomes are almost stable (2019: 191 votes, 2017: 199 votes) and Anne van Veen was elected after being awarded one of the spare seats [restzetels]. We are excited to join the new elected member of UUinActie, and those of VLAM in the personnel fraction. The full results can be found here: https://www.uu.nl/verkiezingen.

From now on, you can contact Anne, Lieke, and Nico (until September 2019) with all your questions regarding PhD representation, rights, personal concerns or systemwide frustrations; or if you simply want to think along with our themes of inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability. We are very happy and proud with the support and trust of our voters, and look forward to these upcoming council years!

Lieke Schrijvers