Meet the candidates: Anne van Veen (#1 beta)

Portrait of Anne van Veen, Freudenthal Institute, with a quote saying “If we want a UU which is sustainable, inclusive and accessible, we need to step up our game and get proactive”

Anne van Veen is a PhD candidate at the Freudenthal Institute, faculty of Natural Sciences. She first entered Utrecht University already in 2003 as a Social Science students, returned in 2010 for a masters at the Humanities department and came back again in 2016 for a PhD on the history of animal testing and alternatives in the Netherlands. Finding it important that PhD’s and other temporary workers are well represented in the university council, she decided to run as a candidate. Besides PhD rights, she is also passionate about the other issues UPP stands for. Through her work at the university council, Anne hopes to contribute to making UU a sustainable university which is proactive about being inclusive and accessible.

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