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UPP represents all junior staff: PhDs, post-docs, teachers and support and administrative staff


UPP stands for the rights of junior researchers and temporary workers. There is a lot of confusion around what the rights and duties of PhDs, post-docs and other temporary employees are. We strive towards safeguarding the rights of employees. Moreover, we wish to facilitate clear communication of those rights and duties to PhDs, post-docs and other temporary workers. We pay special attention to rights such as the right to a sustainable work/life balance and the right to keep learning and grow as ascientist beside the day to day job.

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UPP stands for accessibility. Everyone, regardless of characteristics such as their ability, mental health, languages, gender or background, should be able to participate equally in the community of Utrecht University. To this end, we argue for more rigorous accessibility of the university: in particular with regards to mental wellness, persons with disabilities, and the language barriers which currently exist in the university.

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UPP stands for sustainability. We have to take action today, to bring about a future in which students, employees and the UU in general can thrive. This requires first and foremost a liveable planet earth, meaning we all have to commit to reducing our negative impact on the environment.For sustainable university growth, it is also important to provide better career perspectives for PhDs and other temporary staff, especially those groups that are currently underrepresented in the upper echelons of the university. At UPP we see inclusivity in all levels of academia as crucial for a sustainable future of UU.

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UPP strongly believes it is crucial that the UU is inclusive for all its employees and students, no matter their background or identity. We believe that there should be an office dedicated to the – mental and legal – confidential support for employees who experienced discrimination. Additionally, we propose (voluntary) training for current employees, teachers and supervisors, related to questions of inclusivity. We dedicate ourselves to improving the rights, work environment and safety of international staff members, people of color, transgender and LGB/queer people in particular.

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Anne van Veen

Freudenthal Institute | UPP chair | Contactperson Faculty of Geoscience | Committee Education, Research and Students | Vice Chair of Staff Delegation

“If we want a UU which is sustainable, inclusive and accessible, we need to step up our game and get proactive”

Lieke Schrijvers

Philosophy and Religious Studies | UPP secretary | Contactperson Faculty of Social Sciences | Committee Finance, Staff and IT | PR University Council

“Utrecht University should protect the rights of temporary workers and be inclusive for people from all backgrounds”

November 27, 2020

UPP is looking for you! University Council elections 2021

As UPP we stand for the rights of PhD candidates, postdocs and other temporary staff. In the University Council, we are in direct conversation with

September 15, 2020

PhD Psychologist Update

The pilot of the PhD psychologist was evaluated positive and the services will now be offered structurally! On Monday 14 Sept, the University Council discussed

June 18, 2020

Gender quota at Utrecht University

UPP has, since its founding, always supported inclusivity and diversity, such as gender diversity. Recently, UPP’s Lieke Schrijvers and Ashley van Driel of UUinActie came

October 7, 2019

Presenting the University Council 2019-2020

Now that we’re in the second month of our term in the council, it’s time to officially present the whole university council for the upcoming

June 1, 2019

Election results

In May 2019, 32.8% of the eligible employees voted in the University Council elections for the upcoming term 2019-2021. The results are in, and UPP

May 23, 2019

Voting has ended

We would like to thank everyone of the 32.8% of staff who made their voice heard. Without your support co-determination would not be possible! 🤗

May 22, 2019

29,5% of staff has voted

Today is the last chance to make your voice heard & vote! Co-determination does not work without your support. Vote today! 🗳 📒 Our program: 👥 Our candidates:

May 21, 2019

Election debate

Yesterday UPP, represented by Lieke Schrijvers and Maranke Wieringa, participated in the election debate organized in the Academiegebouw. We were happy to meet and spar

May 21, 2019

22.6% of staff has already voted.

Are you among them? If not, you can still vote up to and including May 22nd. 🗳📒 Our program: 👥 Our candidates:

May 20, 2019

Bilingual co-determination put on the agenda

Our very own Federico D’Ambrosio is discussing our points on bilingual accessibility of the co-determination council in DUB. You can read the article here: